Horn & Hardart | Established 1888

Horn & Hardart has been synonymous with great coffee ever since Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart opened their first restaurant in 1888. Now, 135 years later, we're reintroducing our coffee and reimagining Horn & Hardart for the next generation.

A new era for an American icon.

  • Automat Coffee

    Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart started Horn & Hardart by introducing the public to a fresh drip coffee. We are continuing that tradition, with quality coffee roasted where H&H began: Philadelphia. Our coffee is true to its history as a daily drinker with bold flavors.

  • Bring The Experience Home

    When you receive your delivery, you will notice it's more than just coffee. It’s the quality, care, and craftsmanship that H&H pioneered, along with special stories and photos from the Automat to enjoy as you sip on that first cup in the morning.

  • Restoring An Icon

    For over 100 years, H&H represented uncompromising quality. The Automat became a symbol of innovation, offering patrons a dining experience unlike any other. We aim to bring that level of quality and care back to our customers every step of the way as we build on the legacy of this iconic brand.