Reviving Horn & Hardart: Reflecting on the first year

One year ago, under new leadership, Horn & Hardart embarked on a journey of revival. Following years of dormancy and decades since its peak, we undertook the endeavor to restore this iconic company.

Today, as we mark this significant milestone, we reflect on a year filled with achievements, nostalgia, and the promise of an exciting future ahead:

  1. We recreated the Historic Automat Blend, delivering a taste of nostalgia to our customers.
  2. Sales of the Historic Automat Blend exceeded expectations, selling out twice, showcasing the overwhelming enthusiasm for Horn & Hardart.
  3. Demonstrated our commitment to quality and brand identity by printing 10,000 custom Automat boxes, ensuring every coffee delivery is an experience worth savoring.
  4. With our focus on restoration, we acquired an original Automat column of windows. We were thrilled to be able to share it with the community at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia for a memorable summer exhibition.
  5. Expanded our coffee roast offerings by unveiling the Chestnut Street blend, a captivating dark roast coffee.
  6. Received an outpouring of heartfelt stories from individuals reminiscing about their experiences at the Automat, underscoring Horn & Hardart’s enduring impact on countless lives.
  7. Enhanced our online distribution channels to include Amazon, opening up a new avenue for people to purchase Automat Coffee.
  8. Responded to overwhelming demand and did a limited run of coffee pods. It garnered such a tremendous response that we integrated them into our regular product lineup.
  9. Partnered with The Automat documentarian to create a special gift box featuring Automat Coffee and The Automat 2021 documentary.
  10. Sought to preserve Horn & Hardart’s culinary heritage by meticulously tracking down as many original H&H recipes as we could find and sharing many with our customers.

As we enter our second year, we are focused on the next phase of our revival strategy: the return of the Automat. 

Where are we today in our journey to the Automat?

  • We have outlined a strategic roadmap, continuing with our incremental approach to growth. Our vision begins with a smaller-scale concept, echoing the intimate charm of the very first Horn & Hardart.
  • We're actively collaborating with technology specialists to create a modern Automat. Our focus is on seamlessly integrating today's tech advancements while maintaining the original's simplicity and beauty.
  • Developing a modern-day dolphin spout coffee dispenser.
  • We are exploring a variety of potential locations for our first Automat.
  • Laying the groundwork for the menu and signature items that will suit today’s consumer preferences.
  • Drawing inspiration from the architectural elegance of historic Horn & Hardart locations, we are crafting the interior design for our first location.
We deeply appreciate the customers and friends of Horn & Hardart who have joined us on this journey. Your support is revitalizing Horn & Hardart.