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Horn & Hardart Automat Coffee Pods

Horn & Hardart Automat Coffee Pods

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Coffee Roast
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These are not your average single serve coffee pods. Packed with fresh grounds, these biodegradable Coffee Pods use a mesh filter for a better brewing experience. 15 single-serve coffee pods in each box. 

Shipping anywhere in the United States is included. 

Coffee Pods fit standard K-Cup and Keurig brewing machines. Not compatible with Keurig 2.0 (Year 2015-2019) brewers.

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Historic Automat Blend

Medium Roast

Roasted in Philadelphia, where the legacy of H&H began, the Automat Blend is a recreation of the original roast served in the Automats. This medium roast coffee has flavorful, robust notes, with beans sourced from Brazil, Columbia, and Costa Rica.

Chestnut Street Blend

Dark Roast

The first Automat opened at 818 Chestnut St, Philadelphia on June 9, 1902. This rich, full-bodied, dark roast coffee is a blend of beans from some of the highest-grade mountains in Central America. Roasted to perfection in small batches and specially blended with the same dedication to quality that has always been associated with Horn & Hardart.