Horn & Hardart Marks One-Year Milestone with Promising Outlook for the Future

One year ago, Horn & Hardart embarked on a journey of revival under new leadership, breathing new life into an iconic brand that had remained dormant for years. Today, as we mark this significant milestone, we reflect on a year filled with achievements, nostalgia, and the promise of an exciting future ahead.

In the past year, Horn & Hardart has made remarkable strides in its quest to restore this historic company:

  1. Recreating History: Horn & Hardart recreated the Historic Automat Blend, delivering a taste of nostalgia to customers. Sales exceeded expectations and sold out twice, showcasing the overwhelming enthusiasm for Horn & Hardart.
  2. Commitment to Quality: The company printed 10,000 custom Automat boxes, ensuring that every coffee delivery is an experience worth savoring.
  3. Preservation Efforts: Underscored the company’s commitment to preserving its rich heritage by tracking down and sharing original recipes with our customers and acquiring an original column of Automat windows that was included in an exhibit last summer.
  4. Product Expansion: Horn & Hardart expanded its Automat Coffee offerings adding a dark roast and integrated coffee pods into the product lineup.
  5. Online Presence: The company added to its online distribution channels, including Amazon, providing customers with additional ways to purchase Automat Coffee.
  6. Customer Engagement: Horn & Hardart received an overwhelming response from customers, who shared heartfelt stories of their experiences at the Automat, highlighting the brand's enduring impact.
Looking ahead, Horn & Hardart is poised for further growth and innovation:
  1. The Return of the Automat: The company is focused on bringing back the Automat, with plans for a smaller-scale concept that pays homage to the intimate charm of the first Horn & Hardart location.
  2. Innovation in Technology: Collaborating with technology specialists, Horn & Hardart aims to create a modern Automat experience while preserving the simplicity and beauty of the original.
  3. Menu Development: Work is underway to develop a menu and signature items tailored to meet the preferences of today's consumers.
  4. Location Scouting & Design: The company is exploring potential locations for its first Automat, drawing inspiration from the architectural elegance of historic Horn & Hardart locations for the interior design.
“Our growth over this last year has been made possible by the loyal friends of Horn & Hardart and the customers who have joined us on this journey,” said David Arena, CEO, Horn & Hardart. “We look forward to creating new memories for generations to come.”