Restoring Horn & Hardart: A Defining Moment For An Iconic Brand

After more than 30 years, Horn & Hardart is once again serving up a memorable experience for its customers.

After the last Automat closed its doors in 1991, it seemed that we would never see the return of such a unique part of American history. Now, after more than 30 years, the famous Automat logo is once again a symbol of quality. Horn & Hardart relaunched earlier this year with their Historic Automat Blend coffee, a recreation of the original brew served in the Automats.

Customers can experience the coffee as part of the Automat Box, available on Horn & Hardart’s website. Along with coffee, the Automat Box includes original Horn & Hardart recipes and other nostalgic throwbacks from the Automat’s past.

    “121 years after the first Automat opened, the first Automat Boxes are arriving on doorsteps all over the country, giving people a feeling of the Automat for the first time in 30 years” said David Arena, the CEO of Horn & Hardart. “Our goal is to ultimately restore the Horn & Hardart Automat. To do that, we are creating a community to help rebuild this brand with us and prove that H&H still has a steady base of supporters with our subscribers. We are excited to bring the experience of the Automat to the next generation.”

    The company is focused on balancing restoration and modernization. What is clear from the Automat Box is that quality is front and center in their efforts to rebuild the brand.

    Horn & Hardart
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