Top 5 H&H Questions Answered

We answered the top 5 Google search questions related to Horn & Hardart.

1. When did Horn & Hardart go out of business?

The last Automat, at the corner of 42nd St and 3rd Ave, closed on April 9, 1991 in New York City. Although the company continued operating for a period of time, this is generally considered to be the date H&H closed.

After the closure, two Philadelphia entrepreneurs bought the Philadelphia company (Horn & Hardart Baking Co.) out of bankruptcy. Although the new owners did not open new Automats, this kept the company alive for many years which made it possible to revive the company today.

2. What is the meaning of Horn & Hardart? 

The company was named after its founders, Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart. After a decade of successful restaurants in Philadelphia, they incorporated as the Horn & Hardart Baking Company in 1898. 

3. What coffee did Horn & Hardart serve?

Frank Hardart is credited with creating Horn & Hardart's famous coffee. After moving to Philadelphia from New Orleans in 1888, he worked on perfecting a blend unique to H&H. He experimented with beans from Central and South America and created what became regarded as the best cup of coffee in America.

4. Was there an Automat in Philadelphia?

Yes! The first Automat opened at 818 Chestnut St in Philadelphia on June 9, 1902. By the 1950s, Philadelphia had over 50 locations in the city and surrounding suburbs.

5. Where were the Horn & Hardart locations in NYC?

With over 100 Automats and Retail Shops, Horn & Hardart became synonymous with New York City and was considered "New York's landmark restaurant". You can find a list of all the NYC Horn & Hardart locations here.