135 years of Heritage. Horn & Hardart Celebrates its 135th Anniversary.

135 years after it opened, Horn & Hardart is entering the next chapter in its renowned history. 

Philadelphia, December 19, 2023 – 

135 years ago, on December 22, 1888, a small restaurant with just 14 chairs, opened up at 39 S. 13th Street in Philadelphia. The first customer arrived, sat down, and said: “A cup of coffee, please.” Inhaling the fragrance of the cup that was drawn for him and tasting the hearty flavor, he sighed with satisfaction – “Ah-h-h! The best Coffee in Philadelphia.”

That restaurant was Horn & Hardart. Horn & Hardart went on to become the largest restaurant chain in the Philadelphia and New York Area, known best for the iconic Automats. 

135 years later, Horn & Hardart is entering the next chapter in its renowned history. In 2023, Horn & Hardart was invigorated under new leadership. Automat Coffee was reintroduced and received an enthusiastic response with support from across the country. 

Over this last year it has been made clear that people want to see the return of the revered Horn & Hardart Automat. There has been a renewed interest in Automats in the restaurant sector, and in 2024 Horn & Hardart will set plans in motion to bring back its Automat. 

“I take great pride in the opportunity to restore Horn & Hardart,” said CEO David Arena. “Horn and Hardart is not just a company. It is employees, customers, and 135 years of history. We have to do right by that heritage. My job is to weave the history, memories, and life back into this company for future generations to enjoy. We started with the coffee and now have our eyes focused on the Automat.”

After 135 years, customers are still flocking to Horn & Hardart. As in 1888, Horn & Hardart remains a steadfast, Philadelphia-founded brand, committed to quality at every step of the way.

About Horn & Hardart, Inc

Horn & Hardart is a historic American restaurant that pioneered the concept of Automat-style dining in the United States. Today, H&H is being restored and reimagined for the current world, balancing vintage elegance with modern offerings. Twitter: @hornandhardart Instagram: @hornandhardartcoffee https://hornandhardart.com hello@hhcoffee.com