What is an Automat?

With an Automat, there's no waiting, and there's no need to engage in the process of ordering. The concept is simple yet ingenious – look into the windows, decide on your desired food, make a payment at the machine, and open the window containing the item of your selection. It's a seamless and efficient way to obtain a quick, satisfying meal.

The distinctive features of Automats are:

  • Visual Food Selection: Visually feast on the array of options behind the glass windows then pick the exact item you want.
  • Quick: The food is ready. No ordering, no waiting.
  • Autonomous: Self-service approach, allowing individuals to pursue, select, and pay for a meal without any additional human interaction. 

Horn & Hardart: Pioneers of the Automat Culture

In the bustling landscape of early 20th-century America, the birth of a revolutionary dining concept emerged – the Automat. While the concept of Automats had existed in various parts of the world, it was Horn & Hardart that brought this innovation into the mainstream. Our Automats, popular in Philadelphia and New York, became synonymous with efficiency, quality, and the spirit of a new era in dining after being introduced in the early 1900.

In the tapestry of culinary history, Automats stand out as a testament to innovation and adaptability. Horn & Hardart not only embraced the concept but also defined it, leaving an indelible mark on the way Philadelphians and New Yorkers approached their meals.