Roasting Legacies: Horn & Hardart and Ellis Coffee

Developing today’s Automat Coffee

Recognizing the importance of securing a dependable, top-tier roaster to restore Horn & Hardart coffee, our search led us to Ellis Coffee. With their longstanding presence as a cornerstone of Philadelphia's coffee scene, we sensed the makings of a truly special partnership.

In collaboration with Ellis, we meticulously curated two distinct Automat Coffee Roasts: the Historic Automat Blend, a medium roast based after the original coffee served at the Automats, and the Chestnut Street Blend, a bolder, darker roast.

In partnership with Ellis, Horn & Hardart's Automat Coffee blends continue to captivate the senses, infusing each cup with a legacy centuries in the making.

A History of Collaboration

The partnership between Horn & Hardart and Ellis Coffee extends far before 2023. It is believed that in 1943, after a fire damaged H&H’s roasting facilities, Ellis Coffee was brought on to roast Horn & Hardart coffee beans until production could be restored. 

We are so proud to continue a partnership with Ellis Coffee, steeped in history and flavor, and ready to continue spanning generations of coffee enthusiasts.