The Next Generation

Horn & Hardart is back, and we've got big plans. We're currently developing the next generation Automat in our home city of Philadelphia, where H&H started.

The Return of the Automat

In 1888, business partners Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart opened a small restaurant in Philadelphia that would go on to become one of the largest restaurant chains in the country. Their secret? A new French-drip style of coffee which was advertised as a gilt-edge (meaning highest quality) brew.

Today, 32 years after the last restaurant closed, Horn & Hardart has returned by reintroducing this high-quality coffee. This is an important step to reestablish the devoted community of Automat enthusiasts, while creating a vital revenue source to fund a new chapter of H&H. 

However, just like in 1888, coffee is not the only focus. The team at H&H is working to build Horn & Hardart to last for the next 100 years. This includes a vision to restore the beloved Automat and reimagine what Horn & Hardart can provide for the modern consumer, both online and in retail locations.

We believe the concepts that Horn & Hardart pioneered fit consumers today just as well as it did a century ago: fast service, quality ingredients, beautifully crafted spaces, and seamlessly integrated technology.